5 Big mistakes women make when launching their online store and how to avoid them


5 Big Mistakes Women Make When Launching Their Online Store (And How To Avoid Them!)

NEXT WEBINAR: Thursday 4th April .@ 7:30 PM AEDT


  • The Top 5 Mistakes Women make when launching their online stores.
  •  How you can avoid them (or fix them if you have already launched!)
  • What you need to do first BEFORE launching your online store
  • The key components you DO need for a profitable website 
  • How to attract people to your site and convert them into customers

This webinar is for you if you;

  • Are struggling to drive traffic to your store
  • Not getting the sales you need to make a profit
  • Getting loads of abandoned carts
  • Don't know what you are doing wrong 

So if you want to learn more of the strategies I've implemented to take my business from $3k - $30k per month, come along to my free webinar next week.  

Stay to the end for a LIVE Q & A Session with me as well where you can access my experience and expertise I've developed while running my own successful fashion label, www.ilandco.com

About Your Presenter

Hi there! My name is Jodie and I'm the Designer and Founder of Fashion Label, iland co.

I founded iland co. when I was living in Dubai as an expat, working full time and with 2 young children. My driving motivation to start my own business was the lack of joy I got from corporate job and the fact I was missing so much of my children's lives. 

I craved the freedom, flexibility and creativity your own business can provide. I begun experimenting and testing my local market with products and concepts until iland co. was born.

 iland co. allowed me to eventually quit my full time job and live the life I dreamed of and now I want to help other women do the same.

Join me on this webinar and I share with you the most important lessons I learnt about launching your very own online store and how to avoid many costly pitfalls I fell into.

Stay to the end and I will share with you a swipe file full of valuable resources and contacts to get you started on your business journey on the right foot.

JODIE MINTO FOUNDER - ilandco.com & jodieminto.com

NEXT WEBINAR: Thursday 4th April @7:30PM AEDT